Awaken from the Dream

“The meaning of life is the development of the consciousness, the development of the heart, of the mind, of the character, in a more noble level, being spiritual even with negative energies around you.”

I have felt that Earth is a place where we are being tested to see if we can remain kind, loving, and soft-hearted on a planet full of negativity, violence, selfishness, and suffering. What do you think?

I came across this video earlier and felt that there was so much truth and importance in this message that I was compelled to share it here:

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Prophecy Chief

JADE HELM is a cover for the prepositioning of critical assets in certain loacations across the southwest.  They are expecting MASS protest after the collapse of the US Bond Market on 1 Oct 2015.  (Martin Armstrong Economics)

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SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: X1.8-Flare/CME (Dec 20th, 2014)


…and the SYMTOMS of AWAKENING are continuing…the old patterns can not be supported anymore…you can feel it in your daily life !!!…by by old WORLD!!!!

let the NEW unaspected and never seen before come into your LIFE…that is the real GIFT of ASCENSION.








REALITY  is a metaphor in which we quest to find answers to the greater truth of WHO WE ARE  and why we are here. Something in our souls tells us that change is happening on a global CONSCIOUSNESS  level. The blue FREQUENCY  is part of that.


gaia_energy1Selectivities of Energetics at Gaia hu-man level has refined to enable those who have until this moment resisted alternative pathways.

All remaining un-cooperatives are being removed by the Light.

Eruptive planetary energetics come to fruition shortly, and catalyze “massive” changes.

Hue-Beings are called at this moment to recognize and receive Higher capabilties and skill sets.

Alternatives to the concepts within this message are not supported.

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